June 29, 2021

Buyer’s Guide Breakout: Embracing the New Realities of Supply Chain Disruption

A supply chain platform must enhance a business's ability to stay flexible and adaptable to ever-changing future states.

R. Paul Singh

The Future is Being Written Now

Change is a constant in the business world. Never has the truth of that statement been clearer than during the last year and a half. Supply chains have been stressed and disrupted, affecting businesses and consumers all over the world. Flexibility, adaptability, and usability are the keys to an effective supply chain platform. At its heart, the platform must enhance a business’s ability to adjust to ever-changing future states.

Accomplishing this efficiently and effectively is yet another hurdle. The ability to execute meaningful decisions quickly - without the burdensome expense or complex coding requirements - is a must for a broad range of business users.


The Table Stakes Have Changed

In the modern economy, any data platform must also meet enterprise security, compliance, and privacy requirements, particularly in highly regulated industries, such as financial services, healthcare, education, and technology. The best platform architecture enables users to meet those needs while also transforming the way they do business. A platform with both technical excellence and the simplicity to be useful to a business decision-making team (and not demanding deep IT expertise) is a game-changer and revenue-generator. The power to understand the whole, complex supply chain ecosystem clearly, delve into the data at the crux of business decisions, and navigate intuitively should be the goal of any platform buyer.


Flexibility is the Winning Strategy

There is no doubt the world of work will look different going forward and tech can make that future every bit as productive (even more so!) than the old reality ever was. In working with customers across the board, our team has found that cloud-based supply chain platform technology empowers supply chain professionals to do their jobs incredibly effectively. By enabling their teams to access information from anywhere in a secure manner, businesses increase flexibility and productivity. So, when evaluating data platform solutions, it has become increasingly important for leaders to look not only at where supply chain professionals want to access that information – but how. In order to be responsive to the new realities of the work world, the chosen supply chain data platform vendor must have the capability to provide secure, reliable, and purpose-built mobile access. Very simply, it’s a requirement, not a “nice-to-have” for a winning strategy.


The time to act is now

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