control tower: logistics

Reduce Total Cost to Serve

Real-time visibility to Distribution Center stock levels and shipments to help you reduce total cost to serve and make confident product distribution and last mile decisions

Are you not getting the visibility and collaboration needed for allocating inventory and tracking product shipments? 

Do your planners struggle to get real-time updates on inventory, shipments and last mile delivery KPIs?  

Are you in need of a command center to manage the workflows between manufacturers, 3PLs (third party logistics), and customers? 

Logistics Control Tower

For planners and outbound teams there is a need for a digital command center to connect data and manage risk.

Tada’s Distribution Control Tower empowers transportation and warehouse decision makers to execute meaningful predictive and prescriptive business decisions that deliver real results.

Tada’s Logistics Control Tower Delivers


OTIF Achieved 


Spoilage Reduction 


Transfer Miles Reduced 


Inventory Reduction 

Control Tower: distribution

Distribution Control Tower Workbenches

Helping users reduce total cost to serve through real-time visibility to Distribution Center stock levels and shipments.

As natural disasters and geopolitics continue to stress supply chains, there is a need for digital command centers for planners and outbound teams to connect data and manage risk.

Tada’s Distribution Control Tower offers customizable workbenches for various distribution roles. These workbenches show the applications and metrics needed for each job function. Some of our most common profiles include Transportation Analyst, Warehouse Stock Planners and Supply Chain Executives.  

Transportation Analyst 

  • Monitor lane loading by aligning pickup windows, tracking lane cost, and improve route efficiency.
  • Get shipment visibility with real-time, multi carrier shipment, and multi modal predictive tracking.  
  • Manage carriers with our internal compliance audits, freight payment systems, and carrier negotiation platform. 
  • Track transportation spend by lane, customer, and product. 
  • Guarantee freight contract adherence through historical freight spend tracking. 
  • Create carrier management scorecards with carrier KPI compliance, ranking, and selection. 
Transportation Analysis
Warehouse Stock Planner

Warehouse Stock Planner

  • Create efficient collaboration between DCs and customers by tracking shelf life of finished goods and managing inventory across seasons.
  • Track SKUs metrics, report IRA, spoilage, aging, and inventory holding costs. 
  • Get real-time network inventory visibility across factory warehouse, distribution centers, and goods in-transit. 
  • Receive stock shortage reports about inventory shortage risks, customer demand, in-transit, and days on-hand.
  • Drive process partner compliance with DC and shipper alerts.  
  • Send corrective actions, approvals, notifications, and escalations  

Supply Chain Executive

  • Get real-time visibility to inventory in network by location, category and SKU 
  • Manage workflows and approve any escalations including:  
  • High Dollar Expedites 
  • Carrier Selection 
  • Release Inventory Holds 
  • Manage Invoice Freeze 
  • Extend visibility to all the key performance metrics including: 
  • Expedites 
  • OTIF 
  • Past Dues 
  • Spoilage 
  • Freight Overages 
  • Revenue Loss 
Supply Chain Executive
  • Generate an Executive Summary with summarized metrics assess overall health of the supply chain 
  • Track metrics for internal users and manage cross functional adoption and compliance 
  • Understand overall delivery risk and coverage based on network inventory 

"Managing supply chains through one set of truth with near real-time visibility to product supply risk and shipments is key to maintaining competitive advantage for us. Tada’s Distribution Control Tower provides end-to-end visibility to our supply chain command and has been the one stop source in solving supply risk and managing customer commitments."

CPO of a Major Automotive Company 

Why Choose Tada?

Phased Deployment

Phased Deployment 

Implement and launch in only 6 to 8 weeks, allowing for rapid impact and benefit across business units. 

infinite navigation

Infinite Navigation 

Navigate your business both horizontally and vertically, exploring information the way your mind operates. 

Real-time Collaboration

Real-Time Collaboration 

Interact with others instantly through intuitive workflows and avoid lengthy delays by chasing out-of-date data across multiple silos. 

Cross Platform

Cross Platform 

Access your information on-demand from multiple devices with seamless performance - no matter the platform. 

Advanced Analytics

AI-Driven Analytics 

Follow and react to trends and patterns in your business as data tells stories worthy of your attention. 

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts & Notifications 

Get notified of important changes or disparity in your business operations in real-time, when they happen. 

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