Automotive Challenges

Automotive Challenges


Current business models are outdated and not applicable.

Just-in-time inventory management and offshoring to low-cost producers are not viable auto manufacturing solutions.


Auto supply chains span across multiple continents and several tiers.

Supply chains are now multi-tiered, and automotive manufacturers have no visibility past their tier-1 suppliers.


Supply base networks are facing significant challenges and risks in lead times.

External factors that impact lead times and commitments are becoming increasingly more costly and unpredictable.

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Automotive Solutions

Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply Chain Control Tower

Give auto manufacturers the ability to seamlessly connect and collaborate with multi-tiered suppliers through supply and demand synchronization, real-time  product movement monitoring,  capacity constraint confirmations, and supply risk assessments.
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Production control tower

Production Control Tower

Reduce the bullwhip effect across auto supply tiers by planning the right quantities and communicating with suppliers. Eliminate overstocking and obsolescence, removing bottlenecks between the various supply chain tiers.
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Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning

Identify the risks and constraints in an auto manufacturer's supply base, enabling them to plan supplier capacity and prepare their supply chain for volume upturn and downturn. Prioritize efforts, draft action plans and start mitigation tactics.

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“Having the OEM demand visibility not filtered by Tier-1 buying strategy or buffer allows us to smooth out our production planning and avoid the bullwhip effect.”

- Tier-2 Supplier, Major Automotive Company

Automotive Spotlight

Case Study: Multi-Tier Supply Chain

Demand Navigator

How a Fortune 100 vehicle manufacturer eliminated the demand bullwhip effect by utilizing Demand Navigator in Tada’s Integrated Business Planning solution

Chip Shortages

Prepare your supply chain to deal with chip shortages that are plaguing a number of industries.

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