Mid-Size Manufacturing Challenges


Current data environments for mid-size enterprises are just not intuitive.

Despite major investments in data analysis tools, spreadsheets are still the main source of decision making.

Tada provides end-to-end visibility of your business and enables holistic decision making leading to better financial control and faster realization of savings.


Midsize enterprises struggle to bring together systems, processes, and people as they grow. 

Small or nonexistent IT teams and high integration costs make proper integration across multiple systems nearly impossible. Integration costs for existing stand-alone IT systems are prohibitive and not sustainable in the long term.

Tada is a value-driven low-cost solution that offers powerful system integration at a fraction of the cost of traditional IT systems.


Changing market conditions make it hard for mid-size enterprises to compete.

Current systems are too expensive and take too long to show value. Big competitors add pressure for better profit margins. 

Tada builds upon existing information systems, allowing for seamless, instantaneous data connections without business disruption.

Tada’s technology Delivered


Manufacturing Sales Improvement


Quote Closure Improvement


Reduction in Overtime


Inventory turnover improvement

We offer the FASTEST

Mid-Size Solutions

With Tada’s cognitive business planning solutions driven by no-code Digital Duplicate® platform, mid-size manufacturing companies can integrate their end-to-end supply chain at low costs and improve revenue, margins, and growth above the competition.

Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply Chain Control Tower

Gain visibility to movement of products across suppliers, factories, dealers and customers to monitor the efficiency of supply chain and identify risks in real-time.     

  • Synchronize supply and demand and mitigate potential risks.
  • Mitigate supply chain risks faster than ever before with automated workflows and predictive recommendations
  • Conduct Scenario analysis for live bottleneck mitigation

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Procurement Control Tower

Manage your sourcing and product cost throughout the entire product development and purchasing lifecycle.  

  • Have access to the top opportunities that reduce the total cost of ownership with a few clicks
  • Accelerate cost reduction execution through efficiently managing projects and driving collaboration between teams
  • Achieve real-time visibility to savings, line of sight projections and risks 

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Integrated Business Planning

Manage overall planning activities including demand planning, supply planning and inventory planning to maximize sales, improve revenue, and cash flow while reducing cost.

  • Real-time opportunity identification using customized diagnostics 
  • Automated generation of actionable insights for execution 
  • Configurable role-based workbenches, scenario planning and collaboration tools for improved planning and execution.

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“We did not have a business intelligence tool that could pull together information, analyze it, and help us solve problems like our Tada Suite. Tada will change our culture from gut decision making to data-based decision making.”
- CFO of Midsize Manufacturer
“As an industry leader, we are now able to respond faster and ahead of our competition thanks to Tada as our business differentiator.”
 -COO of Midsize Manufacturer

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