Mid-Size Manufacturing Challenges


Current data environments for mid-size enterprises are just not intuitive.

Despite major investments in data analysis tools, spreadsheets are still the main source of decision making.

Tada provides holistic decisions by increasing end-to-end visibility of your business.


Midsize enterprises struggle to bring together systems, processes, and people as they grow. 

Small or nonexistent IT teams and high integration costs make proper integration across multiple systems nearly impossible.  

Tada is a value-driven solution that offers power system integration at a fraction of the cost.


Changing market conditions make it hard for mid-size enterprises to pivot.

Current systems are too expensive and take too long to show value. Big competitors add pressure for better profit margins. 

Tada builds upon existing information systems, allowing for seamless, instantaneous data connections.

Tada’s technology Delivered

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Manufacturing Sales Improvement

Feature one


Quote Closure Improvement

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Reduction in Overtime

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Inventory turnover improvement

We offer the FASTEST

Mid-Size Solutions

With Tada’s no-code system, we provide easy, cost efficient integration to help growing businesses rise above the competition.

Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply Chain Control Tower

Gain multi-tiered visibility into your supply chain by creating a common vocabulary between factories, suppliers, dealers and customers.       

  • Collaborative, proactive, risk management solution
  • In-depth, actionable, end-to-end visibility in one place
  • Scenario analysis for live bottleneck mitigation

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Production Control Tower

Production Control Tower

Create a single flow of information. Gain the intelligence needed to eliminate the bullwhip effect, overstocking, obsolescence, and supply chain bottlenecks across the multiple supply tiers. Enable your company to plan the right quantities to be manufactured and communicated to suppliers.  

  • Collaborate and communicate part needs based on schedule 
  • Eliminate multiple sources of communication and confusion from demand execution
  • Planners focus on value-added tasks rather than chasing for answers 

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Track and Trace

Track and Trace

Identify cost drivers to reduce the total cost of ownership. Use proactive tracking and management of activities to drive down cost.  

  • Real-time opportunity identification using customized diagnostics 
  • Automated generation of actionable insights for execution 
  • Line of sight tracking and reporting dashboards 

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What are our customers saying?

“We did not have a business intelligence tool that could pull together information, analyze it, and help us solve problems like our Tada Suite. Tada will change our culture from gut decision making to data-based decision making.”
- CFO of Midsize Manufacturer
“As an industry leader, we are now able to respond faster and ahead of our competition thanks to Tada as our business differentiator.”
 -COO of Midsize Manufacturer

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Demo Video: Procurement Control Tower Demo

Procurement Control Tower Demo

Our AI-driven network technology help companies accelerate their direct materials cost reduction.