Take back your Supply Chain with Tada’s Digital Twin-enabled Control Towers

It is time for your supply chain to have a mind of its own

Control Towers (CTs) free up supply chain decision makers and give them back their time. These comprehensive, cross-functional platforms enable collaborative work across supply chain personas, transforming your business with data-driven decisions. CT's are at the heart of a new model for Supply Chain Management. Visually distinct from traditional ERP systems, this self-organizing structure connects different stakeholders to take performance, innovation, and profitability to new levels. 


Expediting Costs Improvement


Enhance Planner productivity


Increase Revenue & margins realization


Improve Inventory optimization


Increase Manufacturing throughput

Real-time, end-to-end visibility, collaboration, and orchestration for your entire supply chain

Manufacturing, Healthcare, CPG, and retail industries are currently facing unprecedented issues in the supply chain that are causing significant disruptions, plant shutdowns, and margin losses.

With the change in customer expectations, the rise of digital channels, and increased competition, the traditional linear model of supply chain (develop, plan, source, make, deliver and support) is no longer sufficient.

Supply chain professionals have several challenges working with people across various functions.

Organizations need to sense supply and demand changes and respond efficiently to these changes.  

Why are Control Towers Needed? 


Works with existing systems

Your business needs a solution that connects existing technological frameworks and data systems.


Interact and collaborate

Your different organizational silos need a way to interact and collaborate efficiently to solve supply chain problems.


Agile and flexible to respond

Your supply chain needs to be agile and flexible to respond to supply and demand fluctuations and maintain a competitive edge. 


Simple user interface

People in your supply chain need a simple user interface that gives them the right data at the right time.


Keep up with disruptions

Supply chain leaders need Control Towers to keep up with disruptions and reduce decision-making latency.

Common Control Tower Use Cases 

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Supply Chain Manager

A Supply Chain Manager needed to expand capacity to meet increased customer demand. The Supply Chain Control Tower provides the messaging tools to enter long-term capacity agreements with existing suppliers.

Forecasting build schedules

A production facility was forecasting next month’s build schedule using historical sales. The Production Control Tower connects this production facility with their sales teams who have order forms from customers with this year’s data, helping them create a build schedule that accurately meets demand. 

Distribution Control Tower

A Logistics Planner needed to minimize delayed shipments. The Distribution/Logistics Control Tower helps them optimize cash margins by prioritizing transportation partners with higher carrier rankings.

Finding hidden inventory

A Material Planner needed to find hidden inventory to meet demand. The Procurement Control Tower allowed them to substitute drop-in compatible parts that are from a previous generation.

Tada has Control Towers for every step of your supply chain

Multi-Tier Supply Chain Control Tower

End-to-end supply chain visibility across n-tiers, supplier collaboration and material coverage risk  

Procurement Control Tower

Increase visibility into spend, monitor supplier performance with faster execution and increased automation

Production Control Towers

Maximize factory’s output and manpower potential by synchronizing material, labor and machine availability

Logistics Control Tower

Meet customer demand and lower cost-to-serve through transportation flow visibility (inbound and outbound) and syncing warehouse and inventory  

What makes Tada Control Towers different?

TadaNow’s Control Towers are a step above the competition because they focus not only on integrating your data systems, but also the people, processes, and partners who are a part of your supply chain ecosystem.

TadaNow helps organizations tackle supply chain digital transformations piecemeal, ensuring tangible results, short wins, and economic improvement.

Our integrated software and workflow solution automatically creates a highly transparent picture of your supply chain requirements, manufacturing operations, and customer demands, allowing you to anticipate potential disruptions before they occur.

Through open channels of communication, companies can plan where to allocate resources most effectively and mitigate any threats that may arise. Our cross-functional Control Towers ensure transparency by creating open communication channels, which in turn facilitates trust.

Productivity rises and is sustained with TadaNow's Control Towers. With its focus on proactive supply chain management, TadaNow’s ControlTowers give managers an integrated view of the vertical and horizontal layers of your supply chain--their demands, risks, and vulnerabilities. These interface modules generate intelligent alerts and analytics to help manage supply chains before a crisis strikes.

With TadaNow’s Control Towers, your organization will gain

Collaborative Information Sharing

Consolidating your technologies into one nerve center gives you the tools and resources to generate meaningful data. In turn, the data-driven insights gained by these tools (combined with advanced analytics)help tear down isolated teams and functions, giving every team a singular source for accurate insights into supply chain operations.

End-to-End Visibility

Most companies deal with a clunky tech infrastructure packed with point solutions, various cloud-based platforms, and spreadsheet-driven processes. TadaNow’s Control Towers eliminate those cumbersome spreadsheets and mend together your tech stack to provide a single source of visibility, allowing for quick identification and resolution of exceptions.

Increased Productivity

Companies need to solve real problems in real-time. Machine learning and advanced analytics help you digest supply chain exceptions and solve them using best practices and processes.

Predictive Support

One of the primary advantages of machine learning is its ability to predict problems before they happen. TadaNow’s Control Towers give you an edge on future issues and help you reign in existing headaches with self-correcting logic and robust predictive support mechanisms.

Reduced Costs

Real-time, end-to-end visibility is not just a buzzword.TadaNow’s Control Towers reduce shortages and stock outs, relieve expediting costs, increase inventory turns, and boost on-time shipments. That means happier customers, reduced costs, and improved relationships.

Smart Alerts

TadaNow’s Control Towers act as a decision accelerant. When an issue occurs, the technology ensures the right people receive the right alerts. Even better, these alerts come with prescriptive and predictive insights to inform and guide decision-making.

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