Dealers Challenges


Many dealers leave transportation logistics to chance.

Dealers often guess how to optimize their  transportation logistics, leading to contract hauls, truck idle times, and misuse of expedited freight, resulting in high Time-to-Ready (TTR) costs and revenue losses.


The rental business market is growing rapidly.

In the next 3 years, the rental business is expected to grow rapidly in size. This aggressive growth makes it crucial for dealers to stand out in an increasingly competitive market.


Companies still use manual analysis for fleet decisions.  

By not basing decisions on data, a lack of proper fleet aging has resulted in most assets being off-loaded in less than a year and a half.

Tada's Technology Delivered

Feature one


Business Growth in 2 Years

Feature one


Growth in Strategic Focus Accounts 

Feature two


Reduced Fleet Inventory Needs to Service with the Same Revenue

Feature three


Sales and Operations User Analysis and Reporting Time Savings

We offer the FASTEST

Dealer Solutions

Dealer Management

Dealer Management

Tada’s Dealer Management solution provides a complete set of capabilities needed by dealerships such as financial analysis, optimized purchasing decision intelligence, predictive analytics for maintenance and repair, cycle time optimization for service operations, market share, territory coverage, and growth support.

Rental Workbench


Rental Workbench in Dealer Management has tools such as rental sales segmentation, fleet management, counter operations, and freight management.

Sales Workbench


Sales Workbench in Dealer Management has tools such as machine sales, product support sales, product parts segmentation and service sales segmentation.

“Through our engagement with Tada and CGN, we uncovered breakthrough strategies that delivered industry-leading outcomes in our rental business. Together we untapped our full potential to help us achieve our aggressive growth plans.”

- VP, Rental Sales & Operations of a Leading Gold Dealer

Dealers Spotlight

case study
Case Study: Multi-Tier Supply Chain

Multi-Tier Supply Chain

How a Fortune 100 vehicle manufacturer used Tada to solve its material availability issues.

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tech note
Tech Note: Reduce Time-to-ready and optimize your rental cycle

Reduce Time-to-Ready and Optimize Your Rental Cycle

We are helping dealers win more business and improve financial performance by optimizing their rental cycles with efficient Time-to-Ready (TTR).

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