Business Planning

Is financializing risks and opportunities for key business scenarios taking longer than the opportunity window? 

Do you have inventory and fulfillment risks due to inherent latency and uncertainty in demand, supply, and information networks?  

Are you having trouble managing product life-cycle changes such as promotions, product introductions, new sources, and phase-outs? 

TADA's Business Planning Delivered


Shipping Performance Improvement


Better Forecast Accuracy  


Inventory Turns Improvement 


Capacity Utilization Increase  


Integrated Business Planning Workbenches

Streamlining decision-making at all levels and rapidly orchestrating outcomes through your network of networks.

TADA's Integrated Business Planning manages and allocates resources to increase capacity utilization, product availability, and shipping performance, while also reducing cost.   

The solution comes with configurable role-based workbenches, scenario planning and collaboration tools. Popular workbench configurations include Demand & Orders, Master Scheduler, Operations Manager, Procurement Manager, Product Manager and Finance.   

Demand & Orders Workbench 

  • Receive forecasting alerts based on statistical errors, bias and tracking signals.  
  • Get a consolidated view of your forecast, orders, sales and inventory, including production, service and New Product Introduction (NPI). 
  • Understand your cycle over cycle changes such as sales-mix, past dues, and backorders. 
  • View our Customer Relations Radar for high priority orders, penalties, and exception management.  
  • View your total finished months of supply by factory, in-transit, distribution center and dealer. 
Demand & Orders Workbench
Master Scheduler Workbench

Master Scheduler Workbench

  • Develop an executable build plan with past due recovery and peak shaving opportunities.  
  • Use our built-in workflow monitor events such as expedites, quality checks, and Inventory Record Accuracy (IRA).  
  • Create a rough cut capacity by production lines and a dependent demand production schedule.  
  • Set up Inventory Profiles for Purchased Finished (PF), Work in Process (WIP), Quarantine, and Finished Goods.  
  • Get strategic buffer recommendation based on demand and supply variations.  

Operations Manager Workbench 

  • See factory readiness with automated alerts on labor, machines and materials.  
  • Receive recommendations for short-term outsourcing, temp labor, and overtime options. 
  • Understand Capacity Utilization with our Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Tracker and Capital Asset forecasts.  
Operations Manager Workbench
Procurement Manager Workbench

Procurement Manager Workbench  

  • Monitor Supplier Grief with our grief visibility and resolution tracker for recurring issues such as missing POs, new parts/source setup and expedites. 
  • Use supplier performance and capability metrics to support your build plan.  
  • View supplier readiness and supplier demand outlooks. 

Product Manager Workbench  

  • Get NPI & Phase-out forecast volatility alerts 
  • Utilize smart monitoring to see on-hand and supplier inventory for new builds  
  • See your product portfolio through the 4P Advantage (Product, Pricing, Promotion and Placement).  
Product Manager Workbench
Finance Workbench

Finance Workbench 

  • Create a Risk and Opportunities Waterfall including commodity risk, volume risk, currency risk, tariffs and transportation 
  • Create dynamic rebalanced production using facility cost curves.  
  • Monitor financial metrics such as revenue & COGS by product line.  
  • Automate tracking from business planning to inventory planning. 

“TADA insights enables my team to make improvements in several key areas of the business and we will continue to implement and build upon...”

- VP, Supply Chain Management of a Fortune 100 Manufacturer

Why Choose TADA?

Phased Deployment

Phased Deployment 

Implement and launch in only 6 to 8 weeks, allowing for rapid impact and benefit across business units. 

infinite navigation

Infinite Navigation 

Navigate your business both horizontally and vertically, exploring information the way your mind operates. 

Real-time Collaboration

Real-Time Collaboration 

Interact with others instantly through intuitive workflows and avoid lengthy delays by chasing out-of-date data across multiple silos. 

Cross Platform

Cross Platform 

Access your information on-demand from multiple devices with seamless performance - no matter the platform. 

Advanced Analytics

AI-Driven Analytics 

Follow and react to trends and patterns in your business as data tells stories worthy of your attention. 

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts & Notifications 

Get notified of important changes or disparity in your business operations in real-time, when they happen. 

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