Industrial Challenges

Industrial Challenges


Industrial manufacturers have difficulty tracking expenses and optimizing production to avoid unnecessary costs.


Forecasting demand is particularly challenging because of the sheer volume of products that need to be produced.


Complexity of industrial product portfolios makes it difficult to understand product performance.

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Industrial Solutions

Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply Chain Control Tower

Manage revenue and cost breakdowns for each product and factory in your business. Get workbenches focused on material planning, material flow improvements, inventory optimization, on time deliveries, and capacity utilization, resulting in lower cost, higher throughput and an increase in profit.

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Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning

Evaluate sales, forecasted demand and factory capacity to proactively manage inventory and fully align the supply chain to optimize the factory build plan. Track key metrics such as forecast accuracy, forecast bias, inventory turns, market share, product availability, shipping performance, and financial returns.

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Procurement Control Tower

Procurement Control Tower

Assist companies in top level management of their product lines and monitor every business function, including financial health, quality, manufacturing efficiency, product support, and product replacement or retirement.

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"Other competitors could not bring the speed to get information together as quickly as Tada."

- Executive Director, Fortune 50 Manufacturing Company

Industrial Spotlight

white paper
white paper: Big Future for Big Data in Manufacturing

Big Future for Big Data in Manufacturing

Right now, a revolution is taking place in the manufacturing sector – and it’s focused on Big Data.

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