Healthcare Provider Challenges


New clinical technologies mean more complexity and cost without expected efficiency improvements.

In sprawling healthcare ecosystems, senior executives lack a bird’s eye view and managers find themselves insufficiently empowered by technology.


Senior Living facilities struggle with delivering consistent quality at the point of service.

From continuous care retirement communities (CCRCs) to hospices, achieving productive operations and predictable performance is difficult.


Billions of dollars of medical equipment are going to waste.

Hospitals and health systems with billions of dollars of medical equipment face pressures to increase the utilization of their assets and reduce capital expenditure.

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Healthcare Solutions

Across all healthcare providers, it is difficult for managers to accurately match staffing of care providers to the volume and acuity of patients.

Tada blends healthcare strategy and operations expertise into product solutions based on its breakthrough technology platform to address these and other challenges.  

Precision Staffing

  • Dynamic recommendation engine to match type, skill level and time of staff to the number and acuity of patients in a unit, department or facility
  • Designed to help managers staff accurately for a week, day or a few hours to achieve quality metrics like Star ratings within financial constraints for changing patient populations

Cost to Serve/Revenue Cycle

  • Patient-level P&L based on granular payer-specific revenue and cost of care including care provider time and services
  • Helps identify drivers of financial performance, pinpoint controllable revenue and cost factors, surface outliers and achieve financial plans

Equip. Utilization & Cap. Effectiveness

  • Single source of truth on all medical equipment across the system from CTs to infusion pumps with key metrics on downtime, availability, utilization, revenue and productivity of associated maintenance operations
  • Helps fact-based, data-driven capital planning, reduction of capital expenditure and monetization of underutilized assets via rent, redeploy, sell, buy and lease decisions

Operational Effectiveness Tools

  • Customized tools to address operational effectiveness opportunities across the cycle of patient care including referral management, sales and marketing effectiveness, proactive risk management at patient intake, predictive nurse retention, data integration of wearable sensors and revenue recovery.
“Tada brings my business to life. It widens my field of vision, narrows the guardrails for action, and helps us work on the right fires. It connects the lessons from the past, the actions in the present, and a future that we can predict.”
- Kris Hansen, CEO of Western Home Communities
“As an industry leader, we are now able to respond faster and ahead of our competition thanks to Tada as our business differentiator.”
- Kris Hansen, CEO of Western Home Communities

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