Are you struggling to reconfigure build plans based on material  availability and inbound transportation delays?  
Having trouble optimizing your build schedule and keeping track of your material at hand?  
Is creating build plans in spreadsheets causing latency, errors and misalignment with Supply Chain Systems? 

TadaNow’s Production Control Tower creates stability

With unprecedented shifts in demand, channels, and material supply, we find streamlined flows in factories are falling apart. TadaNow’s Production Control Tower quickly creates stability with steps to bridge gaps in information, in processes and in roles. TadaNow recommends and tracks series of tight actions needed to avert line downs by integrating your current systems into simplified workflows.

TadaNow Production Control Tower Applications

Gain operational visibility within your factory or a network of factories. Get real-time insights into the hands of the production teams to meet daily production targets efficiently.

After deploying our solution at many production facilities, we have crafted the top applications used by common production personas. These applications are included with every Production Control Tower, and users can mix and match, as well as customize these applications to fit their organization’s needs.

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Production Schedule Management

Production Schedule Management provides visibility to material availability for a 30-day window and alerts planners with a “clear to build” signal at a model build level to “start-on-line.” The application enables production schedulers to dynamically replan and alert teams to execute alternate build plans.

Digital Orderboard

Manage orderboard with smart intelligence, gaining real-time visibility to delivery status for open orders. Digital Orderboard provides the ability to track production, shipment status, and prioritize open orders. It helps manage back orders and aging orders proactively by enabling users to develop and manage their recovery plan.

Labor Utilization

Labor Utilization provides a connected view to burden reports with the ability to collect data over time for analysis and diagnostics, identifying resource gaps and options based on skills/training.

Inventory Monitor

Inventory Monitor is designed to Improve Factory Inventory Turns and reduce PoU impact on the line. It delivers prescriptive recommendations on safety stock levels, reorder points, and economic order quantities (EOQs). Built-in workflow tools allow planners to track actions and achieve inventory target Line of Sight.

Factory Performance Management

Factory Performance Management provides seamless operational visibility to factory performance on a daily and hourly basis. It enables factory managers and production teams to digitally collaborate and manage actions to meet daily production goals.

Constraint Management

Constraint Management provides a 7-day and 30-day view of production constraints (man, machine and material) at a work area/line level. It enables schedulers to manage production risks proactively, improving overall productivity and efficiency.

Production control tower

Production Control Tower Workbenches

Most companies have limited ability to answer what can be built today let alone tomorrow. 

Tada’s Production Control Tower empowers factory managers and decision makers to execute meaningful predictive and prescriptive business decisions that synchronize material availability at point of use, labor efficiency and machine constraints.

Collaborate and manage your production like  never before with customized workbenches for various production roles, including Production Scheduler, Material Planner Operation Supervisor and Supply Chain/Factory Manager. With Tada’s no-code architecture, all the applications and metrics your team needs are one click away.      

Production Scheduler 

Clean to Build

  • Get dynamic material availability for 5-day and 10-day windows​
  • Diagnostics/waterfall showing MPOU hits, downtime, and quality holds​

Alternate Build Options​

  • Build coverage and pull ahead potential
  • Create financial metrics for expedites, rework and indirect costs​

Schedule-Execution Variance

  • Track week over week variance in machine hours, labor hours and overtime​
  • Monitor health and aging ofFinished Goods Inventory

Demand Exceptions and Collaborations​

  • Prioritize orders – penalties and margins​
  • Analyze ship performance prediction curves and order promise compliance

Material Planner​

Production Hot Sheet​

  • Receive a 15 day short sheet​
  • Receive role-based notifications for critical parts that need ETAs from suppliers and internal stakeholders​

Inbound Visibility​

  • Integrate Advanced Ship Notices (ASNs) with updated tracking info​
  • Automate advanced alerts for internal logistics​

Material Re-allocations

  • Material hold and exception alerts​
  • Generate line-side inventory age report​

New Build

  • Synchronize stocking levels – systems vs actuals ​
  • Calculate short term supplier forecast based on usage  ​

Operations Supervisor​

Line Rate Utilization​

  • Get dynamic alerts on delays during build time​
  • Diagnostics/waterfall showing MPOU hits, downtime, and quality holds​

Temp Workforce

  • Create a talent inventory and assignment tracker​
  • Manage direct and temp workforce requirements to meet the dynamic build plan

Factory Manager​

Customer Impact Management​

  • Prioritize Key Orders and track performance of promise dates​
  • Expedite Approval workflow for critical order changes​

Digital Production Boards​

  • Drill down on critical KPI’s and capabilities:​
  • Customer Shipping Performance​
  • Labor Ratio​
  • Quality
  • Inventory
  • Earned Hours
  • Schedule Adherance
  • Generate diagnostics reports and Root Cause Analysis of key issues ​
  • Use our Corrective Action tracker to govern and address gaps with built in execution workflows

"After trying other supply chain solutions, Tada team configured the Production Control Tower for our complex operations and also worked collaboratively with us to get it done faster."

Supply Chain Manager Large Industrial Manufacturing Company

Why Choose Tada?

Phased Deployment

Phased Deployment 

Implement and launch in only 6 to 8 weeks, allowing for rapid impact and benefit across business units. 

infinite navigation

Infinite Navigation 

Navigate your business both horizontally and vertically, exploring information the way your mind operates. 

Real-time Collaboration

Real-Time Collaboration 

Interact with others instantly through intuitive workflows and avoid lengthy delays by chasing out-of-date data across multiple silos. 

Cross Platform

Cross Platform 

Access your information on-demand from multiple devices with seamless performance - no matter the platform. 

Advanced Analytics

AI-Driven Analytics 

Follow and react to trends and patterns in your business as data tells stories worthy of your attention. 

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts & Notifications 

Get notified of important changes or disparity in your business operations in real-time, when they happen. 

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