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Dealer Management Software for Construction and Power Systems Dealers to gain the insights needed for rental, financial, and operational optimization and collaboration.

Is your current business planning resulting in contract hauls, idle truck times, and misuse of expedited freight?

Having trouble prioritizing and scheduling your rental asset maintenance?

Struggling to gain visibility and take action to thrive in the competitive environment?

Dealer Management Solution Delivered

Running a productive dealer business is a massive challenge.

To optimize your dealer operations, daily trends and issues for every business segment from executives to technicians need real-time visibility.


Business Growth
in 2 Years


Growth in Strategic Accounts


Reduction in Fleet Inventory


Time Saved in Reporting

Dealer Management Workbench

Quickly solve your dealer's rental, service, sales, finance, and operational problems.

TADA's Dealer Management Solution enables users to look at any snapshot in time to analyze not only current, but also historical data and trends relevant to their role in the business. The solution considers the seasonality that is unique to dealer businesses and disruptions caused by market and environmental conditions.

Every dealership has a few set personas, each with their unique data needs, which is why our Dealer Management Solution has customizable workbenches to suit every role in your dealership. A few of the most common workbenches include Rental, Sales, Service, and Parts.

Rental Workbench

  • Manage your rental sales, fleets, freights, and counter operations all on one platform.
  • Dive deep into customer analytics and manage rental customer agreements.
  • Find optimum fleet inventory levels, fleet add-on and rollouts.
  • Track rental dispatch operations and evaluate rental logistics scheduling for efficiency opportunities.
  • Analyze rental shop operations for efficiency and saving opportunities.

Sales Workbench

  • Monitor sales by territory and region.
  • Find machine sales solutions that increase sales growth and market share.
  • Breakdown sales by product family, sales representative, customer, and distribution.
  • Analyze product service rebates and recovery.
  • Find and target lead generation opportunities.

Service Workbench

  • Track service warranty and recovery and analyze service work orders to drive efficiency.
  • Analyze cost drivers and variances, drilling down to the document level.
  • Breakdown locations, divisions and cost centers by sales.
  • Set service cost management and financial KPIs with metrics for:
  • Service Productivity
  • Overtime Expenses
  • Time/Material (T&M)
  • Analytics and Margins
  • Analysis

Parts Workbench

  • Get parts activity insights and analytics by category, including store and online sales
  • Segment parts inventory by store location, division, and aging
  • Analyze cost drivers and variances
  • Drive efficiency with parts ordering and stock metrics
  • Develop parts expense and profitability KPIs including:
  • Freight
  • Service Charges
  • Warranty Policy 
  • Personnel Activity

Dealer Management Win-Win Cycle

Using TADA’s Dealer Management Solution is a win-win for OEMs, partners, the whole Dealer Ecosystem, and most importantly, your customers. When you use our Dealer Management solution, you will optimize your operations, driving business and profitability growth while utilizing fewer assets. Sharing customer assets lowers operational costs and increases your market share.

Growing market share means there is growth in aftermarket parts and services too. Lastly, you increase the need for fast, effective and efficient customer services, which helps the entire Dealer Ecosystem.
Dealer Management

“Through our engagement with TADA and CGN, we uncovered breakthrough strategies that delivered industry-leading outcomes in our rental business. Together we tapped our full potential to help us achieve our aggressive growth plans.”

- VP, Rental Sales & Operations of a Fortune 500 Dealer

Why Choose TADA?

Phased Deployment

Phased Deployment 

Implement and launch in only 6 to 8 weeks, allowing for rapid impact and benefit across business units. 

infinite navigation

Infinite Navigation 

Navigate your business both horizontally and vertically, exploring information the way your mind operates. 

Real-time Collaboration

Real-Time Collaboration 

Interact with others instantly through intuitive workflows and avoid lengthy delays by chasing out-of-date data across multiple silos. 

Cross Platform

Cross Platform 

Access your information on-demand from multiple devices with seamless performance - no matter the platform. 

Advanced Analytics

AI-Driven Analytics 

Follow and react to trends and patterns in your business as data tells stories worthy of your attention. 

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts & Notifications 

Get notified of important changes or disparity in your business operations in real-time, when they happen. 

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