White Papers & eBooks

User and Supplier Access Management

Performance Benchmarking

ABCD Metrics Portal

Ease of Implementation Whitepaper

Data Quality and Accuracy

Change Management and Adoption

Strengthening Partnerships for Enhanced Supply Chain Resilience

with TADA’s Supplier Collaboration Applications

Revolutionizing Procurement

TADA’s AI & Blockchain Applications
Drive Efficiency & Sustainable Growth

TADA's Ultimate Control Tower

Pioneering Intelligent Supply Chain Management with TADA’s Ultimate Control Tower

Unlocking Infinite Possibilities

Digital Twin Technology for Agile Business Transformation

The Ultimate Command Center White Paper

To succeed in today's rapidly-evolving business landscape, companies must be agile, innovative, and proactive.

Digital supply chain twins

The Future of Digital Supply Chain Twins

Evaluating the Long-Term Potential of Digital Twin Adoption

Chip Shortages

Solving Chip Shortages with Resilient Supply Chains

Solutions for Automotive, Industrial & Medical Equipment Manufacturers


Market Guide for Supply Chain Data Analytics and Intelligence Platforms

Market description, market analysis, market direction, vendor descriptions (includes Tada) and Gartner's market recommendations

Why digital twin-enabled control towers are game changers

Why Digital Twin-enabled Control Towers are game changers

Control Towers offer end-to-end visibility, orchestration and collaboration


Market Guide for Data Analytics and Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain

Market description, market analysis, market direction

8 supply chain technology trends for 2022 and beyond

8 Supply Chain
Technology Trends
for 2022 and Beyond

The future of supply chains is a cognitive network

Big Data and Analytics

Big Data & Analytics

The new face of insurance and how it impacts you

White paper: Material Cost Reduction

Material Cost Reduction

TADA's Material Cost Reduction solution uses a unique part taxonomy to deliver results

Buyer's guide for supply chain executives

A Buyer’s Guide for Supply Chain Executives

8 questions to rate supply chain platform needs and capabilities

OEM's key for aftermarket growth

OEM's Key to Aftermarket Parts Growth

Sustain high order fulfillment across cycles with world-class demand and supply collaboration

Higher quality care at lower cost

Higher Quality Care at Lower Cost

Enhance senior care with TADA analytics

COVID and the new global economy

Covid and the new global economy

Organize effectively in the new normal

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