April 14, 2021

Buyer's Guide - Spotlight on Business Outcomes

There are many questions arounds selecting and using supply chain software.

R. Paul Singh

There’s an old saying, “You will never hit the target if you don’t know what you’re aiming at.” This is particularly true in the management of supply chains. In this discipline, having clear goals is an absolute must. There are many crucial questions around selecting and using supply chain software. Here we focus on one of them: the importance of knowing the desired business outcomes.

At the highest level, supply chain technology platforms offer enhanced visibility into what we often call the supply network, a more accurate description of the relationship among buyers and sellers. The goal of the technology should be to build more resilient supply networks while also driving down costs.

What should I be asking?

Let’s dive into the most fundamental question a supply chain leader must answer. What is the business outcome you’re trying to deliver? 

It’s crucial to identify use cases so the business isn’t implementing a technology in search of a problem. Complicated market forces - such as supply shortages and bottlenecks in logistics networks are also major factors.

So, supply chain leaders have to ask:

  • Is procurement trying to reduce its direct material costs?
  • How can cost reduction initiatives and opportunities to inform strategies for renegotiating and resourcing be identified?
  • Can data be grouped easily for analysis – to see quoted prices and the best pricing negotiation opportunities?
  • Can weak links and risks in the supply chain be identified and prioritized?
  • If the business is reliant on a factory in a specific location and vulnerable to weather-related disruptions, can the planner see what supply looks like and begin risk mitigation? 


Putting it all together

Once the desired business outcomes are clear, an organization needs to examine its supply network and apply the right technology, analysis, and actions. That is exactly where TADA comes in. Our technology weaves together complex data and human input. It adapts to changes in business conditions and unleashes the power of the data at unprecedented speed. This almost magical combination of people and process enables our customers to truly connect their business, increase revenue, and drive efficiency.

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