October 13, 2021

How 125 Year Old Manufacturer Regained Visibility Over Entire Supply Chain

Tada used its synaptic network technology to capture Etnyre’s digital DNA of its enterprise...


Etnyre International has been in business for more than a century. Their primary business is heavy manufacturing in the road maintenance and preservation industry, which is always in constant flux and in need of improvement. 

Etnyre takes great pride in making equipment that contributes to the quality and upkeep of our roads worldwide. Their products combine more than 100 years of experience with ongoing technological advancements to provide their customers and communities at large with top road performance and reliability. 

But with these advancements came roadblocks in Etnyre’s entire order-to-delivery process. As the company continued to develop its manufacturing technology, it became apparent that innovation was needed within its supply chain so that the right materials are available from all suppliers at the right time.

Their efforts to collect the necessary data to plan for production were reliant on tribal knowledge. They had difficulty tracking their supplier costs of their materials, expenses and optimizing production to avoid unnecessary costs. As they grew, they knew they had reached the point where their current system needed to be reinforced with new technology. 

As a company, Etnyre went through both a business operations transformation as well as a cultural transformation. They decided to move from making decisions based on opinions and gut (tribal knowledge) to decisions based on facts and data. 

Tada helped them with visibility into executive-level metrics at their fingertips. They were able to look at the data so the decision makers could execute meaningful and prescriptive business decisions to deliver real results. Tada used its synaptic network technology to capture Etnyre’s digital DNA of its enterprise systems in order to orchestrate end-to-end processes and make effective business decisions automatically.

“Because Tada sits on top of our entire ecosystem, it was able to eliminate those boundaries and connect our data across disparate systems so we could not only look to the past but use that data to analyze what’s down the road with a more predictive outlook.”
 - Justin Nelson, Senior Director IT and Strategy, Etnyre.

Tada worked with Etnyre to make it possible to view their entire supply chain and understand the various functional pieces in a coordinated fashion — not just about the system but about all the functions talking to each other. 

Etnyre was able to stop looking in the rear-view mirror because the data wasn't just relevant at the end of the month or quarter— it was relevant at the end of each day. They found they were still able to influence results in the current period because the data was right there. 

They could draw conclusions from the real-time data, and most importantly, everyone was looking at the same thing — a full integration of their people, data, and operations to deliver collaboration across their entire enterprise ecosystem. 

Another area that greatly benefitted was in helping their dealers understand their performance and eliminate the struggle to get real-time updates on inventory, shipments, and last mile delivery KPIs. Tada helped implement a dealer scorecard to remove the complexities of product portfolios so dealers could intelligently outline their product performance in a digestible way. It was transformative for Etnyre’s internal team, as well as their dealers, shifting them from the passenger side to the driver's seat.

“The Tada team is very easy to work with. They are flexible about how things can get done. They understood our needs, but it was the flexibility the Tada team showed in order to meet our needs that was exceptional.”
-Ganesh Lyer, President & CEO, Etnyre

Watch Etnyre's full customer testimonial video here.

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