February 21, 2024

Supplier Collaboration powered by Digital Twin Technology

Elevate your business with insights on driving efficiency and harnessing the power of collaboration.


Supplier Collaboration
powered by Digital Twin Technology

In the world of global business, the importance of elevating supply chain dynamics through strategic supplier collaboration has never been more crucial. With growing market volatility and the complex web of supply chains, forging strong, transparent, and dynamic partnerships with suppliers emerges as a backbone for operational excellence.


Core Challenges in Supplier Collaboration

Enterprises today encounter several significant challenges in achieving effective supplier collaboration:

·       Fragmented IT environments and different systems obstruct smooth interactions with suppliers and OEMs.

·       Standardization of processes and workflows across various suppliers is lacking.

·       Compliance and legal frameworks vary significantly across different geographical areas.

·       Dependence on outdated, manual methods of communication adds costs and reduces collaboration efficiency for OEMs.

·       A trust deficit and unwillingness to share information impair collaboration efforts.

·       Attention is diverted to managing supply disruptions and PESTEL risks, rather than focusing on strategic collaboration.

·       Persistent pressure to reduce costs in the short term undermines long-term strategic collaboration with suppliers.

·       Supplier slack the necessary technology and resources to engage in collaborative processes effectively.

·       Successful onboarding and adoption require effective change management strategies.

·       The absence of uniform performance metrics undermines trust and reliability.


Strategic Supplier Collaboration

Effective supplier collaboration is founded on strategic alignment, joint business planning, and the establishment of trust and transparency between businesses and their suppliers. Companies that excel in these areas can leverage supplier relationships to enhance innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in their supply chain operations.

Digital tools and technologies, notably no code - digital twins and AI, are playing a pivotal role in transforming supplier collaboration by enabling real-time insights, predictive analytics, collaboration workflows and more agile response mechanisms to supply chain disruptions and a transparent and resilient supply network.

The Digital Twin Solution

A Composite Digital Twin technology, powered by AI is perfect for creating resilient, efficient, and transparent supplier networks, addressing challenges, and setting new standards in supplier collaboration.

·       Real-Time Business Visibility: Enables businesses to anticipate disruptions, make informed decisions and take real time corrective action.

·       Data-Driven Insights: Facilitates optimized operations and supplier interactions.

·       Enhanced Visibility and Alignment: Overcomes traditional barriers, promoting a seamless supply chain ecosystem.

·       Trust and Reliability: Elevates performance metrics through accurate, real-time data analysis, while providing unprecedented data security across the network

TADA's Visionary Approach

Recognized by Forbes, Gartner and SupplyChainBrain, for its cutting-edge solutions in supplier collaboration and supply chain technology, TADA champions a revolutionary strategy that integrates digital twins with a no-code platform, addressing these challenges with unmatched precision and ability to take informed decisions instantly. This innovative approach not only enhances collaboration but also helps in driving operational agility, unlocking growth capital, amplifying customer satisfaction, while promoting sustainability.


Success in numbers

Implementing TADA's solutions has led to proven measurable business results:

·       Enhanced procurement team productivity by 20% - 35%.

·       Improvement in supplier delivery performance by 20% - 30%.

·       Reduced the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 8-12%

·       Improved Inventory in the network by 20-33%

·       Increase in the fulfilment of promised commitments by as much as 40% - 60%.


TADA stands at the forefront of supply chain innovation, integrating patented, swiftly deployable technology and AI-driven solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of businesses. With a focus on rapid implementation, scalability, and efficiency, TADA cultivates a synergistic ecosystem that elevates operational performance, customer satisfaction, and sustainability efforts with:

·       Speed: Deployment in 12 weeks, with capabilities released every 3 weeks.

·       Scalability: Rapidly scale across the wide range of use cases and adapt to growing needs of the OEM and Supplier and technology evolution.

Example Use Cases include PO collaboration, Forecast Collaboration, Vendor Managed Inventory, Multi Tier Collaboration, Performance Metrics, Material Availability,& Carbon footprint, and much more.

Utilize AI to drive insights and employing predictive analytics and scenario planning to optimize outcomes. Collaboratively working with supplier to simulate the network and enhance the overall supply chain performance

·       Security: TADA offers a comprehensive security program based on NIST 800-53 (or industry-recognized successor framework), under which Tada implements and maintains physical, administrative, and technical safeguards designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and security of the Service and Customer Data (the “Security Program”). Tada offers personalized portals, protecting data privacy and security at a supplier level and an individual persona in the organization. In addition, TADA offers security at a semantic structure and a business object, providing hyper security at the network and individual user levels. Data in TADA is end-to-end encrypted for both in transit and at rest.


Future-Proofing Enterprises

TADA not only prepares businesses for imminent challenges but also positions them to capitalize on future opportunities. By leveraging digital twin technology within a no-code framework, TADA empowers enterprises to navigate the complexities of modern supply networks with agility, ensuring sustainability, and placing customer-centricity at the forefront of interconnected global markets.

The Digital Duplicate™ technology, powered by advanced AI, excels in predictive analytics, machine learning, and provides actionable insights to take informed decisions. This sophisticated AI integration processes extensive data sets to uncover patterns, highlight trends, and enable real time strategic actions, seamlessly blending with TADA's commitment to speed, agility, and efficiency. Together, this forms a comprehensive strategy that enhances operational efficiency, end-customer satisfaction, sustainability, and unlocks significant capital for growth, positioning businesses for success in a competitive and responsible marketplace.