September 26, 2023

The Future of Business: Real-Time Visibility and TADA's Role

In the next two decades, a pivotal transformation is beckoning global enterprises - the complete reinvention of the supply chain.


The Future of Business: Real-Time Visibility and TADA's Role

In the next two decades, a pivotal transformation is beckoning global enterprises - the complete reinvention of the supply chain. Let’s explore Real-Time Business Visibility and collaboration, their profound implications, and the distinctive value TADA brings to the table.

Real-Time Business Visibility: Setting the Pace in Business Operations

Modern businesses grapple with multiple complexities. Coupled with market volatility, disparate data, disconnected systems, and extended lead and lag times, there's a pressing need for real-time visibility. This is particularly crucial for large and intricate enterprises.
When you pair real-time visibility with personalized applications and actionable intelligence, businesses unlock value within their end-to-end supply chain, including:

  • Tier I and Tier N Suppliers
  • Logistics and Warehousing
  • Distribution  
  • Production  
  • Outbound and Inbound Freight
  • Prevailing Market and Customer trends

Understanding the Power of Real-Time Visibility

To truly grasp the significance of real-time visibility, consider its potential effects:

  • Margin: Improvement by 10-15%
  • Inventory: Reducing 25-35% of inventory
  • Availability: Reducing stockouts by 80-90%
  • Environmental Impact: Reduction of carbon by 20-30%  

Integrating technologies such as AI/ML and LLM can further augment these impacts, heralding a new age of real-time supply chain command and control across industries.

TADA's Impact on Real-World Scenarios

Using TADA's cloud capabilities, businesses have achieved remarkable results. For instance, a prominent Auto Manufacturer integrated TADA to obtain real-time supply chain visibility in just 180 days with 3-week sprints. This initiative unified 1,500 suppliers, 1.2 million parts, and 6,000 users from 11 factories into one cohesive, real-time system.

Let's compare the metrics before and after TADA's implementation:

Global Operations Snapshot: Before & After TADA

Overall Business Impact: $270 M

Addressing Contemporary Business Challenges

Today's corporate landscape faces a multitude of challenges. Top executives and operational teams often work with limited visibility, affecting decision-making and collaboration. This lack of clarity can result in financial losses in the billions and heightened risks.

Key challenges include:

  • Fragmented data and processes that hinder complete visibility.
  • Siloed partners and decisions leading to delayed signals and less-than-optimal choices.

The fallout? Disrupted revenue streams, elevated waste, skewed inventories, and dwindling productivity.

While traditional solutions remain static and compartmentalized, the contemporary business ecosystem demands agility and scalability, and that's where TADA fills the void.

TADA's Revolutionary Approach

Technically, we are a massively scalable ‘digital twin’ and ‘data fabric’, cloud-based, ‘no-code’ supply chain technology that brings all data, people, processes, and partners together on a single platform. TADA de-risks decisions, large and small, and allows you to master complexity and act with clarity day after day. It helps organizations predict problems and provides intrinsic agility by assuring dramatic improvements in supply costs, capital efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

TADA’s pre-designed industry templates and application suite are crafted to fast-track value creation. From strategy to execution, TADA guarantees synchronization across the End-to-end supply chain. Whether it's logistics, procurement, supply chain management, or net-zero strategies, TADA ensures unmatched real-time visibility and significant value to Enterprises.

In Conclusion

The future mandates real-time business visibility not as an added advantage but a fundamental requirement. Platforms like TADA are at the forefront of this revolution, ensuring businesses don't just solve problems but evolve their entire modus operandi. As we move forward, let’s embrace this transformative phase hand in hand.