IQPC Network Rapid Supply Chain Transformation Webinar Series-Part 1

October 20, 2021


IQPC Network Rapid Supply Chain Transformation Webinar Series-Part 1

The Digital Twin of the Organization (DTO): How One Global Manufacturer Integrated People, Data and Processes to Deliver Real-Time Visibility and Collaboration Across Their Production and Supply Chain

  • Are you struggling to reconfigure build plans based on material  availability and inbound transportation delays?  
  • Having trouble optimizing your build schedule and keeping track of your material at hand?  
  • Is creating build plans in spreadsheets causing latency, errors and misalignment with Supply Chain Systems?

This story is being repeated in every manufacturing plant across the globe. In this webinar, we will share the story of one global manufacturer and how they built a new production control tower that offers real-time visibility of shop floor operations, material flow and workforce availability, resulting in more product throughput. Learn how to:

  • How to understand overall material risk
  • How to manage workflows & escalations from Receiving Dock to First Ops
  • How to monitor build plan improvement and streamline reporting?
  • How to diagnose root causes and track resolutions?


    Adam Nuttall, Sr. Materials Manager, The Toro Company
    Kiran Khadke, SVP, CPG & Manufacturing Solutions, Tada Cognitive Solutions
    Sid Guha, Senior Director, Supply Chain Solutions, Tada Cognitive Solutions