Exclusive Roundtable Discussion:

Supplier Collaboration for Industry-Leading Resiliency

Unravel the impact of digital twins on enhancing collaboration with suppliers, streamlining communication, and facilitating data-driven decision-making to mitigate risk, optimize supply chains, and improve sustainability. Learn how they empower the ecosystem to actively engage, thereby breaking down silos and fostering cross-functional collaboration and transparency across the supply chain network.

Date & Time:

05/07/2024, 11:30 EDT


Europe 5

Speaker Session:

The Digital Twin-Based Ultimate Command Centre

Transform your supply chain with TADA – the Ultimate Command & Control Solution that empowers your business to act with clarity. AI-Enabled Digital Twin Platforms drive unparalleled efficiency by tackling critical supply chain challenges in real time - providing comprehensive visibility, fostering collaboration, and seamlessly orchestrating operations across multi-tier supply networks, procurement, production, and distribution.

Date & Time:

05/06/2024, 14:35 EDT


Stage 2, Supply Chain Xpo, Atlantic Hall