Tada Platform

Multi-enterprise Digital Transformation Platform 

Get real-time visibility, orchestration and collaboration across the ecosystem 

Accurate decisions require access to latest data from many systems. Tada adapts to changes in your business with lightning speeds and reveals the magic of Data. Our platform allows you to derive insights from data across your enterprise and your ecosystems, increasing revenue and driving efficiency. In addition to providing real-time analytics, Tada enables you to act on the data and collaborate within and outside the organization. 


Cutting-edge technology is the heart of our Platform.

Digital Duplicate™

Our patented Digital Duplicate™ technology builds the digital DNA of your business and creates a common language that connects your people, processes and partners.

Security & Blockchain

Smart contracts, based on the Blockchain technology, ensure secure data transfers between OEMs and suppliers. Our personalized portals restrict data sets, so users only see the data they have access to. Setting secured filters for all users guarantees the proper restrictions on data access and establishes a single point of truth for internal users and external partners.

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

Many experts believe the future of supply chain will be autonomous. But before businesses can make that leap, they need to find a way to combine internal records, such as inbound shipments, with external data points, such as natural disasters. Tada’s built-in AI modeling analyzes all types of data within the supply chain ecosystem to provide the guidance needed to make predictive business decisions.

Search and Explore

Tada offers a built-in search feature that allows supply chain professionals to quickly find data on plants, parts, and suppliers. With Tada’s Business Explorer, non-technical business users can now create their own analytics dashboard without any programming or any help from IT teams.


Data Integration

The cornerstone of Tada’s platform is data integration. We have the capability to ingest different types of data from over 200 sources and connect them to form a data fabric (see Digital Duplicate™ for more details). We integrate a multiplicity of data sources and types via metadata sharing, metadata analysis, and metadata-enabled self-healing. This data integration, along with orchestration tools to manage the environment, can handle soaring high data volumes and the rising demand for real-time insights.

Process Integration

To make better business decisions, organizations must integrate their discrete processes, something Tada does very efficiently. Our technology seamlessly blends advanced analytics with workflows, allowing users to initiate workflow decisions based on insights instantaneously.

Role Integration

Every supply chain role has different data needs and presentation requirements. To make role integration easier, Tada creates secure, persona-based workbenches that integrate relevant data with an easy-to-use application for each of the personas. It even offers the ability for each person to create their own analytical workbenches to fit their unique analytical needs. Commonly designed workbenches include those targeting executive, buyer, and planner roles.

Business Logic Integration

Every business has its own set of rules. Some require only a day’s worth of material to be in any given production area. In contrast, others may have inventory that can be carried for five days. Tada makes it easier to input any business logic so that you can make a decision based on your company’s existing parameters.

Ecosystems Integration

When stakeholders within a supply chain link together, everyone in the network benefits. The future of supply chain optimization is collaboration between an organization and its partners, suppliers, transportation and logistics partners, customers, dealers, and distributors.


Real-Time Visibility

Get real-time visibility across your supply chain systems, partners, suppliers, contract manufacturers and transportation carriers 

Real-Time Workflow

Track the progress of items across your organization in real-time and escalate issues quickly for maximum compliance and performance 

Real-Time Orchestration

Make the right decisions at the right time with the right amount of data.

Real-Time Collaboration

With a built in messaging systems and custom portals, Tada enables all parties to collaborate on the platform eliminating the need for long chains of emails and phone calls.

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