Market Guide for Data Analytics and Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain

Market description, market analysis, market direction, representative vendors and Gartner market recommendations.

"Gartner observes several trends in this market for data analytics and intelligence. One overarching theme is the convergence of analytics & BI, data science and AI. Supply chain organizations are also trying to speed up decision making by relying on more connected data — this allows them to achieve a higher level of use-case-specific outcomes, as well as the ability to react more quickly to disruptions, minimize risk and avoid losses."

This report covers market analysis on:

  • Supply chain specific market trends - What are supply chain organizations looking for?
  • The core building blocks offered by Supply chain platforms - integration, insights, Algorithms, data hub, DSCT etc.

This Market Guide provides insights into the evolving market of supply-chain-specific data analytics and intelligence platforms

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