Why Digital Twin-enabled Control Towers are game changers

“Next Generation Control Towers will be based on the Digital Twin of the Organization (DTO). At the later stages of a digital supply chain journey, a company will want to converge end-to-end decision making with end-to-end supply chain visibility. This will result in the coalescence of its digital supply chain twin initiative with its control tower initiatives. At this stage of maturity, there will no longer be a separation between the digital supply chain and the end-to-end control tower — just the digital supply chain twin.” -Gartner

In today’s current marketplace, supply chain leaders need to build a digital twin of the organization (DTO) that can connect and orchestrate their entire ecosystem from suppliers to customers. Creating advanced solutions such as Digital Twin Enabled Control Towers will help businesses outpace and accelerate their top and bottom-line growth compared to others.

This paper covers:

  • What is a Control Tower? What is Digital Twin? How does Digital Twin enabled Control Tower work?
  • What business challenges do Control Towers solve in the procurement space?
  • What are the different approaches to building a Control Tower for your organization? What are the options, and how do you evaluate them?
  • How do you assess the maturity of your current Procurement Control Towers?

Tada is a data management platform Gartner nominated as a Cool Vendor based on Gartner Cool Vendors in Data Management report.

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