The Tada Platform

The Tada platform helps organizations create transformational gains by helping them make the right decisions more quickly.

Tada provides a breakthrough framework designed to leverage existing information infrastructure and quickly unleash these opportunities. It is an elegant solution that eliminates technical and business complexity –and enhances speed, simplicity, and seamlessly integrates into the business enterprise.

Tada Platform provides:

  • Ease of Use – to work naturally with non-technical business users and experts to rapidly capture business constructs and create utilities.
  • Elastic Modeling – to quickly capture business primitives, promote new thinking, and adapt to changes in business structure and strategy
  • Visual Delivery – to intuitively capture business semantics and information and rapidly deliver interactive business use cases
  • Seamless Integration – to provide a robust and flexible architecture that works with enterprise standards from back-end data stores to front end visualization engines

Tada is a data management platform Gartner nominated as a Cool Vendor based on Gartner Cool Vendors in Data Management report.

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