Why procurement
leaders should choose
digital twin powered
control towers

Many Organizations in the manufacturing, CPG, healthcare
and retail industries are currently facing unprecedented
issues in supply chain, causing significant disruptions,
operational delays, shutdowns and margin losses.

"DSN digital core uses input from its multiple nodes to self-strengthen, thereby accelerating sourcing, supplier management, production, distribution and delivery to customers by providing real-time information to make informed decisions, anticipate risks and provide better end-to-end visibility.“ 

- Amit Sinha

This paper covers:

  • What is a Control Tower?
  • What are the different approaches to building a Control Tower for your organization?
  • What business challenges do Control Towers solve in the supply chain space?
  • How do you assess the maturity of your current supply chain Control Towers?

Tada is a data management platform Gartner nominated as a Cool Vendor based on Gartner Cool Vendors in Data Management report.

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