Tech Notes

Ensure sales growth, customer success, and profitability with Demand Navigator

TADA's Integrated Business Planning features Demand Navigator that provides the analytics and support that allow execution teams to focus on driving better business decisions and deliver a more agile and responsive supply chain.

Why Demand Navigator?

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Many companies today, find it difficult to navigate through the murky waters of predicting their future sales. Demand uncertainty creates a bullwhip effect impacting the downstream partners increasing the working capital by creating excess & obsolete inventories, lost sales, and poor customer service.

Enhanced clarity in the face of uncertainty can only be provided through an intelligent technology platform with embedded analytics integrated with infinite navigation to identify, isolate, and neutralize a company’s most critical hot spots as recognizing the time value is paramount. Only expeditious neutralization of hot spots through real-time ecosystem collaboration will maximize enterprise value.

TADA’s Demand Navigator is the “FAST & FURIOUS” technology disruptor that makes demand sense out of the future’s murkiness by providing Single Point of Truth, Orchestration, and Track & Trace capabilities to ensure the right materials are maintained at the right locations at the right time.

Key Attributes

Meeting Your Challenges


Rapid Deployment

The Demand Navigator is configured for rapid deployment with customization for new clients. It can be deployed within 8-10 weeks.

Demand Navigator Capabilities

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CRM Collaboration for Enhanced Market Intel

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Data Latency

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Understock & Overstock Reduction

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Forecast & Schedule

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Avoid Product Phase In -
Phase Out Disruption

Additional Capabilities