Tech Notes

Connect all tier levels of your supply network with our Supply Chain Control Tower

Multi-tier collaboration extends the visibility, collaboration and commitment adherences not only with direct suppliers, but also to all other suppliers.

TADA’s Supply Chain Control Tower connects processes, companies and partners to provide much needed visibility and collaboration to better manage risks in normal and disruptive cycles. It uses multi-tier collaboration to enable collaborative planning and risk mitigation.

Why Multi-Tier Collaboration?

The world is changing rapidly, and businesses must spend billions to manage disruptions in supply and demand. Multi-tiered supply chains face major challenges with visibility, collaboration and risk mitigation.

Multi-Tier Capabilities

What problems does it solve?

  • Connects key demand, supply and shipment data across supply tiers
  • Monitors supplier conformance
  • Enables personnel to handle their compliance metrics
  • Creates visibility of demand and supply
  • Manages risks between ecosystem partners
  • Enables coordinated and synchronized planning
  • Proactively manages constrained parts and products
  • Builds SMART contracts, monitors and manages common goals
  • Reduces bullwhip and responds with near real-time visibility

TADA's Supply Chain Control Tower is customizable and configurable for rapid deployment. It can be deployed within 10 to 12 weeks.