Tech Notes

Are you ready for the Demand upturn?

Proactively prevent and mitigate risk through business cycles with TADA’s Supplier Readiness Assessment

Why Supplier Readiness Assessment?

Whether it is an upturn or downturn, companies with global and regional footprints find it difficult to manage the next set of suppliers likely disrupt the business. TADA’s Supply Chain Control Tower features a Supplier Readiness Assessment that monitors external distress and operational metrics across the entire supplier base to provide visibility into potential risks. When potential risks are identified, a Supplier Readiness Assessment can be triggered to prioritize efforts, draft action plans and start mitigation.

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What business questions does the Supplier Readiness Assessment answer?


What is my current risk profile?

Who are my critical suppliers?


How do I assess the network?

What is my critical supplier readiness level?

What are my network constraints?

Where are these constraints prevalent?


Do I have the right plans in place to mitigate risk?

Am I able to execute my mitigation plans on time?

Is my network improving through the cycles?

Supply Chain Control Tower Capabilities

Rapid deployment
Have a Supply Chain Control Tower running in 4-6 weeks.

Collaborative platform
TADA's platform is built for collaboration between key stakeholders (suppliers, buyers, leadership).

Real-time tracking
Right decisions require the latest data. Real-time tracking means end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Eliminate manual reports/spreadsheets
Built-in automation and intuitive dashboards replace daily tasks done manually.

Time-bound action plans
Get action plans to mitigate supply chain risk.

Early distress sensing
Operational data monitoring allows for distress-triggered alerts and notifications.

Benefits & Outcomes

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"This tool is generations ahead of anything we have." - Global Purchasing Manager
"This is what we need; I’d like to expand to the entire supplier base." - Global Purchasing Director
"I have never been more prepared in my last 4 decades of professional experience." - Global Purchasing VP
"We are currently working on next quarter’s plan, not firefighting next week’s issues." - Global Purchasing VP