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What is a Supply Chain Control Tower?

Establishing a robust, data-driven supply chain is essential for modern businesses. You need the agility that comes with real-time data, and the speed afforded by machine learning and advanced algorithms. Simply put, you can't afford to use human power for every exception. Businesses need to solve disruptions before they become exceptions and use a broad spectrum of cutting-edge technologies to instantly remediate supply chain issues.

This group of technologies is the supply chain control tower, and it's the nerve center of your supply chain operations.

A supply chain control tower is a personalized and connected hub of all the tools, technologies, and processes a business uses to gain visibility and actionability in its supply chain. Traditionally, this includes must-haves like dashboards, data feeds, and software. But today, cutting-edge analytics, machine learning, digital twin, and blockchain also play a role in orchestrating and navigating increasingly complex supply chain relationships and networks.

Businesses are under immense pressure to connect with customers and deliver quality products across a variety of dimensions in record time. Unfortunately, supply chain exceptions often disrupt this flow. Your supply chain control tower should eliminate data silos, mobilize actionable data, and bake autonomous planning and data-driven decision-making into the DNA of your company. The result is a better, smarter, and faster way to resolve issues in real-time using tangible data and actionable processes.

Benefits of Supply Chain Control Towers

Supply chain towers can transform your business with value-driven and data-driven decisions. Benefits of these towers include:

  • Collaborative Information Sharing: Consolidating your technologies into one nerve center gives you the tools and resources you need to communicate and collaborate with stakeholders both inside and outside your company.. In turn, the data-driven insights gained by these tools (combined with advanced analytics) help tear down isolated teams and functions, giving every team a singular source for accurate insights into supply chain operations.
  • End-to-End Visibility: Most companies deal with a clunky tech infrastructure packed with point solutions, various cloud-based platforms, and spreadsheet-driven processes. Supply chain control towers eliminate those cumbersome spreadsheets and mend together your tech stack to provide a single source of visibility, allowing for quick identification and resolution of exceptions.
  • Increased Productivity: Companies need to solve real problems in real-time. Machine learning and advanced analytics help you digest supply chain exceptions and solve them using best practices and processes.
  • Predictive Support: One of the primary advantages of machine learning is its ability to predict problems before they happen. Your control tower gives you an edge on future issues and helps you reign in existing headaches with self-correcting logic and robust predictive support mechanisms.
  • Reduced Costs: Real-time, end-to-end visibility isn't just a buzzword. Your control tower reduces shortages and stockouts, relieves expediting costs, increases inventory turns, and boosts on-time shipments. That means happier customers, reduced costs, and improved relationships.
  • Smart Alerts: Your supply chain tower acts as a decision accelerant. When an issue occurs, the technology ensures the right people receive the right alerts. Better yet, these alerts come with prescriptive and predictive insights to inform and guide decision-making.

Control Tower for Industries

All industries can find tangible value in supply chain control towers. However, the value levers and utilization of supply chain control towers may vary across industries. Examples include:

  • Automotive: The automotive supply chain is fraught with unique challenges and hyper-complex networks of relationships across OEMs, distributors, dealers, and logistics. Supply chain control powers help you harmonize, orchestrate, and execute real-time solutions across all of these supplier tiers, reducing inventory carrying costs and improving supplier relationships in the process.
  • Healthcare: As health-tech continues to multiply and healthcare revenue cycles grow in complexity, unifying your entire system into one central hub helps drive capital planning, reduce critical equipment downtime, and maximize the efficiency of existing staff.
  • Industrial: Your supply chain control tower helps you oversee every component of your supply chain, from materials and products to inventory and facilities. You can leverage these insights to improve on-time delivery, capacity utilization, throughput, and cash flow.
  • CPG and Retail: Getting your product to suppliers more quickly means faster sell-through and revenue collection. Supply chain control towers for CPG and retail applications can provide visibility into stock levels, multi-carrier shipments, freight tracking, and more to keep your products on your retail partner's digital and physical shelves.

Robust Supply Chain Tower Support with TADA Cognitive Solutions

As supply chains grow in length, complexity, and end-to-end intricacy, managing them requires best-in-class technologies unified into one single command center. TADA Cognitive Solutions helps you take control of your supply chain. To learn more about our best-in-class supply chain control center technology, contact us or schedule a demo today.