TADA Announces Industry’s First Digital Twin Enabled Production Control Tower

Gain operational visibility within your factory or network of factories

Orlando, FL. – June 5, 2022 – TADA  (also known as TadaNow),  announced today the industry’s first digital twin-enabled Production Control Tower designed to improve operational visibility within your factory or network of factories, synchronize dock to Point-of-Use and production operations and improve productivity with real-time insights into the hands of the production team. TADA’s Production Control Tower creates stability in factory operations and provides actionable intelligence needed to avert production line interruptions by integrating your current systems into simplified workflows. Digital Duplicate®, our patented digital supply chain twin technology, empowers Factory Managers, Production Schedulers, Line Supervisors and Warehouse Pickers with real-time guidance and advance alerts to fulfill daily production goals.

“Looking at the market landscape and listening to our customers, it became obvious the traditional planning solutions fail to rapidly synchronize factory operations from dock to point of application as soon as the material is received or there is a change in labor availability. Our Production Control Tower helps visualize multiple risks, recommend options, and works with most ERP and MRP systems including SAP, Oracle, Infor and QAD,” said Amit Gupta, CPO at TADA.

Production Control Tower contains over 10 applications targeted to solve daily time-consuming challenges such as material short for build, priority of internal work orders, and potential impact on customer promise. For example, the Clear-to-build capability provides dynamic replanning options in situations where build slots are likely to be missed due to material and labor gaps for each production line. With built-in workflows, planners track root causes and mitigation actions driving increased efficiency from planning to execution. Another application, the Digital Production Board, delivers failure mode analytics for productivity losses across the entire operations - the internal warehouse, machine shop, paint line, and assembly stations. TADA’s Production Control Tower applications improve factory compliance to build plans not just in aggregate but also help in planning model-mix.

“We are building the next generation supply chain for Toro with TADA’s Digital Twin as our backbone. A traditional supply chain based on people and tacit knowledge is automated with synchronized data in one place {platform} allowing proactive decisions in our factory. As we used this Control Tower we have eliminated tedious manipulations of spreadsheets and chains of emails allowing our teams to get some more product out of the door and lowering our overall costs simultaneously,” said Adam Nuttall, Senior Materials Manager at The Toro Company, a leading worldwide provider of innovative solutions for the outdoor environment including turf and landscape maintenance, snow management, rental and construction equipment, and irrigation solutions.

Most companies have limited ability to answer what can be built today let alone tomorrow. Rather than relying on error-prone spreadsheets and time-consuming phone calls and emails, TADA provides an integrated Production Control Tower that automates many manual processes in manufacturing giving enhanced real-time visibility to production teams,” said Seshadri Guha, CEO and co-founder of TADA Cognitive Solutions.

Because of TADA’s unique cloud-native architecture, the Production Chain Control tower is easily scalable and accessible from both web browsers and mobile devices. Equipped with out-of-the-box applications and a fast data integration process, users can deploy the Production Control Tower and see the platform’s value in as little as 12 weeks.

About TADA Cognitive Solutions

TADA Cognitive Solutions (also known as TADA) is the leader in the Digital Duplicate® Technology that continuously integrates data, people, and process partners to deliver real-time visibility, orchestration, and collaboration across the entire supply chain ecosystem. Our no-code platform unleashes the magic of Data with unparalleled speed at an unprecedented scale, allowing our customers to connect data silos within their own and their partner enterprises to create a unique data fabric and persona-based command center to increase revenue, and drive efficiency.  TADA’s platform transforms complex supply chains from small companies to Fortune 50 companies in discrete manufacturing, CPG, retail, healthcare providers, equipment dealers and distributors. See more details at www.tadanow.com.

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