TADA Launches Carbon Footprint Navigator, Enables Real-Time Carbon Emission Monitoring for Publicly Traded Companies

Peoria, Ill. – January 25, 2023

TADA (formerly known as TADA), the leader in digital twin-enabled supply chain solutions, announced their launch of the Carbon Footprint Navigator to provide seamless visibility to value chain emissions daily or monthly. This allows executives and managers throughout an enterprise to monitor emission reduction levers digitally.Powered by Digital Duplicate® technology, the application enables role-based visibility of emission performance to execute targeted, and coordinated improvement plans to meet reduction targets.

“With the SEC requiring publicly traded companies to disclose their carbon emissions, we developed the CarbonFootprint Navigator to efficiently monitor Scope 1 - Direct greenhouse gas emissions; Scope 2 - Indirect emissions from purchased electricity or other forms of energy; and Scope 3 – Upstream & downstream activities in its value chain,” stated Seshadri Guha, co-founder, and CEO of TADA. “By understanding the complexity of value chain emissions, our application can help enterprises accelerate their realization of emission reduction goals by 70-80%.” 

Carbon Footprint Navigator features include:

• Real-time carbon emission monitoring

• Reporting & Governance – Seamlessly incorporate offsets and project benefits for real-time estimates of future emissions

• Unified Financial Planning & Emissions Reporting – Instantly align emissions reporting with assumptions from updated forecasts & budgets

• Integrated Decision-making & Accelerated Time-to-Insights – Empower managers to make informed decision about emission-related tradeoffs to meet reduction targets

• Make Emission Reduction Strategic – Shift from reporting to when and how decisions are made

• Faster reporting cycle times

• Lower Total Cost of Ownership for emission reporting

• Eliminates manual entry and re-entry effort

For more information, visit tadanow.com or to see a demo, click here.

About TADA

Founded in 2017 by two tech entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the large industrial sector, TADA has created a massively scalable ‘digital twin’ and ‘data fabric’, cloud-based supply chain platform powered by its Digital Duplicate Technology that uses pre-packaged ‘no-code’ applications and comprehensive end-to-end solutions to deliver the best time to value in the industry.  Our products enable business operators to deliver in real time actionable information and insights covering every aspect of supply chain from manufactures to distributors to transporters and to customers.  We empower businesses to better see and serve the world’s needs.  We make the complex simple and give your business, your people and your partners the confidence to take well-informed action.  We empower entire organizations to take clear, confident action, so they can act with clarity.