All about Supply Chain Control Towers

Definition, Scope, Framework, How to leverage them, and Best Practices

According to Gartner, "Advanced control towers now provide real-time visibility, collaboration and AI capabilities to move beyond decision support to decision making, and even a degree of autonomous control."

This report attempts to answer the questions supply chain leaders have and recommendations for approaching a control tower initiative. Some of the points covered are:

  • Research - Control tower definition, scope and framework. Control tower is a concept of several building blocks, both technical and non technical.
  • Create - How to create capabilities across people, process and technology while starting a control tower initiative. The report looks at steps to take and items to consider related to the five building blocks of a supply chain control tower - namely people, process, technology data and governance
  • Use - Best practices and use case references

The report details the different types of control towers, funding, what good looks like and reasons for investment.

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